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The Art Detective is a game that was created to encourage both children and adults to discover the wonders of the Casa Rodolfo Siviero museum. It is something like a treasure hunt to be done in the museum and involves following clues, studying pieces of art and answering questions. The game has now also been adapted to the web and asks the navigator to find certain pieces of art in the on-line catalogue, study the photo indicated in the clues and answer the questions.

The game can be played by anyone and it requires no specific knowledge. It aims to stimulate everybody’s curiosity and spirit of observation. Parents together with their sons and daughters, grandparents with their nephews and nieces, boys and girls of all ages can enjoy and learn by playing the game. As detectives, they are invited to follow clues and to observe specific pieces of art in order to answer the questions. Unfortunately, the catalogue is only in Italian and therefore the clues will be italicised to assist those who speak another language. Every question has three possible answers, indicated by the letters a, b, c. Only one is the right answer. The texts which follow every question give in-depth information on the artwork about which the question is posed, but they never give the answer to the question. The player should answer all the questions and then fill in the form with the personal information requested and send in the answers. They will be awarded a publication in Italian about the museums of Tuscany (we are sorry, at this time, we do not have books in English).

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